ACCOUNTABILITY is absolutely essential to looking & feeling your best, it’s what keeps you on the path.

When you don’t have it, you’ll find yourself:

  • wondering why you’re always giving up

  • frustrated with your lack of ‘willpower’ and discipline

  • struggling to stay motivated

  • being all or nothing, one slip-up and you quit

  • doubting you have what it takes to ever reach the finish line

Imagine trying to paddle upstream, of course you’re going to run out of steam. When you learn the tricks and tools you need to keep yourself on track you can trust yourself to follow the current and make it easy.

Accountability is a skill you can learn and improve.


When you have accountability you know you will do it. You build trust in yourself every time you show up and just do it.


Everyone I’ve worked with has had one or more of these accountability-blockers

  • taking on way too much at once

  • beating themselves up for failing (a natural) part of the process

  • believing there is something wrong with them instead of working with their unique strengths

  • making it way too hard (I have yet to work with someone who isn’t)

Which one is keeping you stuck?



Looking for a way to consistently stick with it?

Start here!

The most common thing I hear is that you KNOW what to do to feel better.

Maybe you even do it for a while but then without fail LIFE happens and all your good intentions seem to just slip away.

The biggest roadblock you tell me you face is sticking with it, that if you could just be consistent your health dreams would come true.

When you tell me BIG things like this you better believe I’m listening...that’s why I’ve put together something NEW for you that is all about how to DO IT.

Hope to see YOUR name in class!

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    Accountability Case Study

    Shelley, 51 get better sleep

    “I’m not sure why this was so hard for me to deal with. I wasted years trying to tackle it on my own, researching and making plans that I never stuck to. If you’re feeling stuck and wondering why you can’t just figure it out, stop wasting time and hire Kristine today. She has a way of making it all seem easy and doable in the most non-judgemental way possible.”

    It had been years since Shelley felt like she was rested. She could fall asleep but would wake up 60-90 minutes later and then toss and turn all night. She always felt tired and she worried that lack of sleep would cause her body to get really sick one day.

    Despite her very busy career, she managed to regularly workout and eat regular nourishing meals. She had been to a sleep specialist and when she followed his custom plan it worked. But she just couldn’t seem to make herself stick to it even though she had no problem sticking with other hard things. This left her totally frustrated and fed up with her ‘lack of willpower and laziness’.

    Together we rearranged her custom plan a bit to make it fit with her actual real life and I took her through my 6 accountability lessons. When I checked in on her progress a few weeks later she was sticking with her plan but still wasn’t sleeping consistently. It was then that she felt comfortable sharing something she was deeply ashamed of she was snacking every night uncontrollably right up until bedtime. I explained the science behind late-night snacking & hormones and the impact on her sleep then every week I asked her how it went with snacking. She knew I was waiting to hear back from her and the thought of that email made her quit that habit for good. She now sleeps very well and still checks in with me weekly to keep her on track.


    Does the thought of help feel good right about now?

    I’ve got you covered