STRATEGY is the first step on the path to looking and feeling your best.

When you don’t have it, you’ll find yourself:

  • starting strong then giving up

  • jumping from one thing to another again & again, never getting any traction

  • unsure what to focus on

  • lost when it comes to your next best step

  • never even starting

Imagine trying to find a great new coffee shop but your GPS gives you steps that are out of order and there’s a few wrong turns in there.

A frustrating waste of time.


When you have strategy you know exactly how to get where you want to be. You know all the steps and the right order.


Everyone I’ve worked with has had one or more of these strategy-blockers

  1. too many ideas = overwhelm + confusion

  2. trying to get from point A to point Z, skipping right past B-Y

  3. focusing on the wrong thing

  4. making it way too hard (I have yet to work with someone who isn’t)

Which one is keeping you stuck?


Looking for YOUR best strategy? Start here!


Start with Know What To Do. Simply register and attend this monthly live workshop to get clear.

Ever feel like you are just wasting time, energy and money trying to get healthier only to feel the same?

The Know What to Do system is designed to teach you how to know what YOU need to do to start feeling better. 

Imagine knowing with absolute clarity what you need to focus on today in order to feel better. And having a reusable system to evaluate your progress and make sure you are still on course at regular intervals.

Grab a pen, get comfy on your couch and follow along in your 10 page Know What To Do workbook, and you will walk away knowing what YOU need to do to feel better.


    Strategy case study

    Sue 46, goal lose 15 pounds

    “I can’t believe that by changing such small and easy things I’ve finally conquered this life-long struggle. I would never have figured it out without you. Thank you “

    When Sue sent her intake form to me it was over 8 pages long (more than 4x the average length). She had been working so hard to lose 15 pounds and had some success a few years earlier with a very strict eating plan that she thought would help again if she could ‘just make herself stick with it this time’.

    She had left no stone unturned, read all the books, taken courses, joined groups and she had a 12 step system she wanted me to help her do.

    Here’s just a few of the things she had on her list - 6:30 am workout class 5x/week, no eating carbs, skip breakfast to intermittent fast, no fruit, no bread/pasta, start meditating, try a yoga class

    It was immediately evident to me that she was focused on things that weren’t going to move the weight and quite honestly missing the one thing that would actually make a difference. Once we zeroed in on that key thing I had her make 1 simple schedule change and 2 weekly tasks.

    Here’s what we had her do - focus on hormone balance by starting the day with a protein rich smoothie & a dog walk  to expose her to bright morning light. In the evening no screens after 8 and a firm bedtime of 10. That was all we started with. Within 8 weeks she had lost 12 pounds.

    Does the thought of help feel good right about now?

    I’ve got you covered