Why I’m here (& what it has to do with you)

For over 15 years in private practice I helped thousands of people put their health first to look and feel their best. It was everything I had imagined during all those long years in school.

But what no one ever tells you (and maybe words can’t fully describe) is how people sharing their lives with you feels. I was a part of countless babies being born, graduations, first loves, marriages, heartbreak, deep belly laughs and grief-filled tears. It was a dream come true.

Until July 12, 2014 when I found myself lying on the ground staring up a 90 foot cliff with a crushed leg.  It took a rescue team 7 hours to get me out that day.  But the truth is I stayed mentally stuck at the bottom of that cliff for a lot longer than that.

I went back to my family practice on one leg. Hauling my crutches up the stairs one at a time on my butt to start and end each day. When I was done my ‘good’ leg could no longer hold me up and I was in so much pain that I would have to just rest until the next day seeing patients.

It took me 3 years to make the impossible decision to shut my doors and focus on my own health.

That’s when I realized that we all have our cliffs. The changes you want to make will only come once you decide and commit. I’m here to help you do it.

So let me ask you. What's your cliff?

Is it losing a few pounds? Working out consistently? Eating right? Getting more sleep?

Whatever it is, if you're done being stuck you're in the right place

Once I hauled myself up that metaphorical cliff. Brushed the dirt off my shoulders and took a good hard look around. And what I saw changed everything.

As women we have to try to look (& be) perfect all. the. time.

If we don't measure up we are a problem that needs fixing. The solution? A $50 BILLION/year industry that thrives on making us feel like there’s something wrong with us.


Have you ever considered that we have that backwards?

That they are the problem and we are the solution.


How it was for me, maybe you can relate?

In an instant I went from being extremely fit to being in a wheelchair. (it was over 7 months before I walked out my own front door without just-in-case crutches)


I was still the same person but I didn’t look or feel the same.

I went from feeling ok with how I looked & felt to feeling not ok. I felt real shame about my body. (there are no magazines showcasing women with 2 different sized legs & chronic pain)

I felt betrayed by my body. Like I was falling short. I doubted I could still trust my body. And I hated how I looked. That’s what kept me stuck.

If you don’t look & feel the way you want, I get it.

I get how it feels deep down. I get your frustration. I get your doubt.

And I’m here to help you change it.

Every women should know she is beautiful and perfect right now. Not 20 pounds from now. Not if she hustles hard and proves she’s got worth. Not if she fits in with societal norms. I mean every woman right now, no exceptions.


I believe you are more than what you look like in a bikini. I believe you have gifts to share with the world. I believe in you.

And I believe together we can fix this narrative that keeps us stuck.


By taking charge of your health you are the solution. When you believe in yourself you help change this narrative for ALL women.

If you’re still reading then you’re in the right place. Frustrating trying to fit all the pieces of great health into a puzzle that just isn’t coming together. And ready (more than ready) for a solution that actually works. Here’s 3 things you need to know:

  1. It isn’t hopeless. You are not hopeless

  2. There are only 3 steps to getting up your cliff: clarity, accountability & a plan (that actually works)

  3. I’m here to help you do it

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