A PLAN prioritizes your health bringing strategy and accountability into your real life.

When you don’t have it, you’ll find yourself:

  • always putting everyone (and everything) before yourself

  • feeling frustrated and resentful that there’s no time for you

  • wondering how you can fit it all in if it’s even possible

  • starting the week with great intentions and finishing with none of them done

  • making it way too hard (I have yet to work with someone who isn’t)

Imagine trying to get to the top of a mountain but every few minutes something happens that distracts you from your upward climb. When you have a plan that actually works you can work around these big distractions and prioritize your goal so that you reach that mountaintop.

Making your health is not selfish is it a priority and the only way to show up as the person you want to be in your life.

When you have a plan you know how to schedule your days to get what’s important in. You’re able to give more when you give to yourself first.


Everyone I’ve worked with has had one or more of these plan-blockers

  • winging it, letting the week just unfold will never work

  • not admitting that they can’t show up fully if they aren’t taking care of themselves

  • wasting time with unnecessary tasks

  • making it way too hard (I have yet to work with someone who isn’t)

Which one is keeping you stuck?


Plan Case study -

Mary Elizabeth, 43  ditch being frumpy & not miss out on her kids growing up

“I thought I would have to change everything and I’m still shocked that a few simple changes made such a big difference. I schedule 1 me thing every week and the world is still turning. My husband and kids have noticed the difference and we laugh more as a family than I can ever remember. I want my 2 daughters growing up to see that taking care of yourself has got to be a priority.”

Mary Elizabeth had her first child very young and then in her later years had 2 more. Dealing with diapers and high school stress plus working a full time job left very little time for her to focus on herself. With her oldest nearly done high school she realized that she had been busy and stressed most of her life and felt she had missed out on really enjoying her son growing up.

Plus she felt frumpy. She was carrying extra weight and wearing the same old clothes she’d had forever. When we started working together it was clear that she had put everyone else first for decades.

She simply never managed to make herself a priority. And felt it would be impossible given how busy she was already.

We focused on some simple changes she could make to feel less frumpy every day. And every week we looked at her schedule and evaluated what she could let go of, where she was over-functioning and doing things that other people should be doing, and how to simplify and open up space to do 1 thing each week that was all about her.


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