Episode 3: Gut in a Rut?

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Having a healthy gut is the strongest foundation for your health. But how do you know if your gut is healthy? Well the good news is, you get a (hopefully daily) report card to tell you exactly how well the food you eat is creating the healthy body you want.

Today’s episode is taken from one of my most popular live workshops called Gut in a Rut.

There is A LOT of information in this episode and you’ll want to listen more than once. The workbook and all the slides are available when you go to the episode #3 extras at www.drkristinenewman.com/healthier. I suggest listening at least once with both in front of you.

We’re going to go through your entire digestive system from top to bottom, looking at:

  1. Digestive System Anatomy

  2. 6 Digestive Functions

  3. 4 Tests you can do at home

  4. Your daily report card (AKA the anatomy of a perfect poop)

    - The Chew Test

    - Stomach Acid Test

    - Bowel Transit Time Test

    - Peek Test

  5. 5 causes of a bad poop

  6. The 4 R’s of your microbiome

  7. Top strategies and tips to optimize your gut health right away

We covered so much information in this jam-packed, fast-moving workshop. And it will definitely have you covered when it comes to keeping your gut healthy (and out of a rut).

Because this was originally a live, interactive workshop there was audience participation that I mostly removed for this recording. If you want to watch the whole thing including the Q&A or if you would like to read along with the transcript go to the episode # 3 extras here: www.drkristinenewman.com/healthier

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