Episode 4: The only way to Eat Right (Eat Right Series 1)


When it comes to looking and feeling your very best, there is one goal that seems to be on everyone’s list and that is eating right.

We all know on a deep level that what we eat has a dramatic effect on how we look and feel but the overwhelming amount of information out there can stop us in our tracks. And what’s worse is that so much of it is conflicting, confusing, and potentially damaging.

What the heck do we eat to look and feel our best, to protect our health and prevent doing ourselves harm?

Today’s episode is the first in a series called Eat Right to help you unwind all the confusing messages out there and figure out what works best for you, your body and your life. In this episode, we’ll be setting out a framework for the next 5 weeks and going through:

  • What eating right isn’t - the 4 D’s

  • What eating right is

  • 6 signs you’re eating right (3 visible and 3 invisible)

  • The 3 rules of the Eat Right framework

  • And, because you know I’m all about taking action, 2 quick start steps that you can start doing today

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