Episode 5: How to be More in Control Around Food (Eat Right Series 2)

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Last week in episode 1 of our 5 part eat right series we set the foundation for eating right. If you haven’t heard that episode you’ll want to go and give it a listen before you jump into today episode.

Even though we know that eating right is foundational to looking and feeling our best it can sometimes feel like it’s out of our control.

Have you ever found yourself at the bottom of a bag of chips or that 3rd glass of wine you swore you wouldn’t have?

How about standing in front of your open fridge even when you know you aren’t hungry?

Why does this happen? And why do we feel so powerless to stop?

Today we’re going to be looking for answers. We’ll be looking at the concept of false pleasures:

  • what they are

  • why we do them

  • why does it matter

  • 2 questions you can use to determine if what you’re doing is a false pleasure

  • and 3 in-depth, step-by-step strategies to be more in control

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