Episode 6: Are you looking for a meal plan that actually works? (Eat Right Series 3)



This is part 3 in our 5-part Eat Right Series and today is 100% strategy-based. I’m giving you ALL the best tools, tips and doable action steps to create, implement and stick to a meal plan. Ok so maybe making a meal plan isn’t the most exciting topic BUT having a meal plan is the very backbone of eating right. It’s planning with the higher level function of your brain so that how you eat aligns with how you want to feel.

Whether you’ve never tried meal planning before or you’ve been doing it for 20 years, and especially if you’ve tried it and written it off as too complicated, too boring or too unfun this epsiode will have something for you.

We’re covering:

  • The #1 step that everyone leaves out that makes a huge difference (and why it may not have worked for you in the past)

  • A tried, tested and true 3 step system to use

  • 15 top tips and strategies to make it work for you and save time

  • 11 mistakes that people commonly make meal planning (and that you won’t make anymore)

  • 4 no-recipe meal formulas to make nutritious + delicious meals on the fly

  • And lastly the Eat Right Meal Planner

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