Episode 7: The first 15 (of 30) mistakes that get in the way of you eating right (Eat Right Series 4)



Today we’re starting to wrap up our Eat Right Series in a 2-part episode.

One of the interesting lessons I’ve witnessed over the years is that it is impossible to get where you want to go without first knowing where you already are. In order to use a GPS you need the destination and your current location.

It’s no different with eating right, you need to know where you might be making mistakes before you can fix them. So today we’re looking at the first 15 (of 30) mistakes we make eating right.

Whether you’re making a few mistakes or all of them doesn’t matter. Instead think of this episode as a quick assessment to see where you are today and what you might want to change, I’m also sharing a great strategy to put in your pocket for situations that often knock us off course when it comes to eating right, things like parties, holiday get-togethers, travelling and eating out etc...

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