Episode 8: The final 15 (of 30) mistakes + series wrap up (Eat Right Series 5)



Today we’re wrapping up our 5-part Eat Right Series with another 15 mistakes we make eating right. Remember whether you’re making a few mistakes or all of them doesn’t matter, what we’re looking for is insight into what gets in the way of you eating right.

Over the course of the Eat Right Series I’ve received many messages and to wrap it all up I wanted to address the questions, obstacles and roadblocks you’ve been sharing with me behind the scenes.

We’ll dig into willpower, self sabotage plus when it comes to eating right there are no quick fixes BUT  I am going to share the ONE thing that comes close. This one change is a great starting point to give you some early momentum because you will notice the results in only a few days - it’s an Eat Right Quickstart.

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