Episode 16: What to do when you’re struggling to stay consistent with your workouts



One of my favorite things is to connect with my listeners, to hear how the information I’m sharing here is relevant to you and how it’s helping you feel healthier. I love these chats sometimes over email, sometimes messenger and even sometimes video chats. Or even reading your podcast reviews (hint hint)!

And without fail I’ll hear things like this:

"I start out strong and then inevitably fizzle out"

"something always comes up that gets in the way of me getting to the gym and eating healthy"

"I know it’s good for me and I even feel better when I do it so why is it so why do I keep quitting"

"I have so many good habits but I can never stick with this one and it’s so frustrating"

Do any of these sound familiar to you? When it comes to being healthier consistency is non-negotiable. So why is it so darn hard?

Today we’re answering this exact listener question. And we get into:

  • the 2 different types of accountability

  • how we schedule workouts

  • one step that increases your follow through by 300%

  • what makes a fitness expert moan through her workouts

  • the best times to workout

  • and what to do with distractions and a crazy schedule

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