#14: Body Wisdom Series (5) ~ Outer Calm = Inner Calm: Practical advice for decluttering your life



Recent scientific research shows that having too many things in your home may not only make it difficult to find your keys, but significantly impact how you feel.

And spoiler alert: getting organized does not just mean cleaning, sorting, and putting your things away. It is also about deciding what you need and love.

I’ve heard it termed ‘stuffocation’ when we feel suffocated by the amount of stuff around us and I think that’s a great term to describe how overwhelming and immobilizing it can be when we’re faced with a huge decluttering job.

If the thought of decluttering makes you want to take a nap this episode will help.

Today I’m joined by clutter expert Jen Rao and we’re going through these 9 listener questions:

  1. Our favourite decluttering books

  2. Strategies to systematically declutter and organize

  3. How to deal with sentimental items

  4. The worry of ‘what if I need it later?”

  5. What to do about weight fluctuations and having all different sizes in your closet

  6. How to decide what you should keep and what to get rid of

  7. What to do if your spouse/family members have a lot of stuff

  8. How you can work with your aging parents to clear their home

  9. And how to handle gift giving

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