Episode 19: Sick of trying everything and still not having the body you want?



As you listen to us respond to today’s listener question you’ll hear us both get a bit heated in our thoughts and responses.

The 3 big takeaways from this episode are:

  1. do not compare yourself to any other women out there, you really, truly don’t know their reality.

  2. if you struggle to always make healthy choices you are in good company joining 100% of the rest of us, yes, even that woman you think is perfect (spoiler alert: she’s not)

  3. even if it’s by an inch, every time one of us moves away from the narrative that women need to look a certain way it’s a massive win for all of us

And we’re going through a 4 week, 6-step process for you to try to make shifts in the relationship you have with your body. These are fresh ideas for you and I’m certain some of them will be the very first time you’ve heard anything like that.

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