Episode 9: What to do when you've tried millions of diets and don't know what healthy is for you anymore (Body Wisdom Series 1)


This episode is #1 in the Body Wisdom Series.

If you’ve been in my crowd for any length of time you already know how much I love being able to chat with all of you and ask you about what’s going on with your health. And that’s what inspired this Body Wisdom Series.

I named it Body Wisdom because I really believe that is the ONLY path to truly looking and feeling your best, and that’s listening and being able to interpret what YOUR body is trying to tell you. When you have body wisdom you’ll have vibrant health no matter what’s going on because you’re always listening to the expert - your body!

Today’s question has 3 really important parts:

  1. breaking down big health goals

  2. how to even know what’s healthy for you after trying so many different things

  3. after trying ‘millions’ of diets, how do you know what to follow

Plus I have a special guest joining me - Natasha is a fitness and nutrition expert and has 15 years of working with women.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • why diets don’t work (what Natasha calls the ‘cycle of failure’)

  • what to do about late night snacking (especially sweet treats)

  • red and green light foods

  • wet vs. dry carbs

  • the power of whole foods (and some love for fiber)

  • and so much more….

No matter where you are on your health journey there is something here for you. Enjoy!

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