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You want to feel amazing in your skin, but how?

You're SO ready to lose the last few pounds, sleep better at night, have energy to actually enjoy your life -- but honestly, you've chased after those dreams forever and it's exhausting.

There's just way too much information out there. And when you do try new habits it's so hard to stick with them, pretty soon you are just back to doing what you’ve always done. SO. FRUSTRATING.

I know because I’ve helped thousands of women who were where you are now.

The truth is sometimes we all need help. When it comes to your health you don’t want to be guessing. You want someone who has the education & decades of experience to guide you along the right path.

Time for a gut check, does the thought of help feel good right about now? 



No matter where you are today,

“I would love to be 10 or 15 pounds lighter. I think it would help me feel more energetic and sleep better. I would love to feel well rested when I wake up in the morning”

I feel frumpy. I don’t feel I look good in my clothes or there are very few that I do. I feel tired and not energized most days. I don’t feel strong or healthy”

I’d like to feel good about myself. Feel great in my clothing and my own skin. Confident. I’d like to feel healthy and invigorated And energized and fit.”

you have the power to change.

I’ve lost 20 pounds and counting, and i’m so surprised because it feels fun.

I feel sexy & confident again, my health goals are no longer at the bottom of my to-do list, I’m seeing real results for the first time in a long time”

You have no idea how bad it really was, or how hard I tried but couldn’t do it and now I’ve done it. I’m astonished and amazed and proud.”


~ “makes sticking to your goals as fun as coffee with the girls” ~

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This 6 week course brings my 3 step system to life so that you can:

  • be certain that you’re doing all the right things for YOUR health

  • build your confidence that you have what it takes to change your health

  • be part of a tight-knit community of other women who are putting their health first alongside you

  • stop constantly falling ‘off the wagon’

  • make 2019 your best year


It’s totally possible to feel and look your best without it being so hard, beating yourself up or feeling overwhelmed.


Step 1 - Strategy

Think of your health like a puzzle. You could spend weeks, months or even years trying to find the next right piece or I could hand it to you. You’ll bring me all of the competing, conflicting pieces of your puzzle and together we’ll distil it down to your exact next best steps in the right order so you’re ready to go for step 2.

Here’s what you get

✔️customized individual attention and expert direction

✔️we’ll meet on a video call and spend 45 minutes together crafting your 6-week goal (recorded for you to keep)

✔️you’ll have all the steps laid out down to the finest detail

✔️right now this is the only opportunity to work one-on-one with me in 2019

“I was amazed that by answering one survey honestly and then followed up by a one on one phone call could be so life-changing. The work Kristine put did between the survey and phone call was surprising. I listed a tonne of things I wanted to change and she was able to simplify my goal by having me complete 3 daily tasks. Amazing! You have to experience it to believe it. Take a leap of faith and a gamble on your health. It’s a life changing experience. What do you have to lose?”

Show up with one serious goal you’d LOVE to actually accomplish & the group will keep you on track to deliver that result in 6 weeks.


Step 2 - Accountability + Planning

(6 week course)

Once you know what to do you still need to do it.  Accountability is a skill you can learn and improve. Let me give you all the tools you need to follow through in this 6-week guided course.

Here’s what you get

✔️(6) weekly lessons designed to help you create & stick to a plan, these lessons are purposefully bite-sized & pack a punch

✔️a private community for weekly accountability exercises & check-ins to keep you on track (plus daily support & conversation with your new health tribe and me, your new accountability coach)

✔️office hours to go deeper on the weekly lesson & ask me questions directly

✔️all the best tips & tricks to stay consistent long after the 6 weeks is done

“When I signed up I was curious but wasn’t sure I would get much more out of it than the Health Circle offered that provides so much amazing information and is free. I was wrong! This program is well worth every penny and it will send you to the next level. Kristine’s time and dedication to help you reach your goals is amazing. You have a personalized plan once completing a survey and a group to help keep you on track. I’d recommend this course to everyone.”

Accountability is not something you’re either born with or you aren’t. You’re not broken. It’s a skill you have to learn, let me show you how.


Step 3 - Follow up (your real life)

Marrying strategy and accountability means creating a plan that addresses the hurdles in your life and that’s about navigating time constraints and so many competing priorities. Take what you’ve learned into the realities of your life with ongoing added support.

Here’s what you get

✔️4 weeks of follow-up with a weekly check-in email from me to keep you on track

✔️time to apply what you’ve learned while still having support to back you up

✔️this weekly touch-point and knowing I’ll be waiting for to hear from you will keep you accountable and on track

✔️sticking with it for 6 weeks isn’t the end goal, step 3 is about dealing with the real hurdles & time constraints of your everyday life

    Ready to turn ‘just do it’ into already did it?

    Health Accelerator is now closed for enrolment. Join the waitlist for the next round.

    “Kristine is a phenomenal coach that truly got where each one of us was and wanted to go. Through the process I can say I definitely had my health shift in many positive ways. You have to experience it to believe it. Take a leap of faith and a gamble on your health. It’s a life changing experience. What do you have to lose?”

    Don’t want to wait? Start here

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    This challenge is full of the best tips & tricks for you to get started with a plan that actually works

    Here’s what you get

    • 5 lessons with a quick & effective action step

    • live videos to go deeper with each lesson

    • self-paced, lifetime access

    ($27 USD)

    (Oh and you can watch the entire 1st lesson before you buy to make sure it’s a good fit for you right now)

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    This is just my small corner of the internet but I believe together we can help to empower ALL women so 10% of all revenue is donated to Because I Am A Girl.

    When you choose to work with me you are supporting this belief. Thank you.

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