Fitness Personality Quiz Results

1.  a)1 b)3 c)2 d)4
2.a)2 b)3 c)4 d)1
3. a)3 b)2 c)1 d)4
4.a)2 b)3 c)4 d)1
5.a)3 b)1 c)2 d)4
6.a)3 b)2 c)1 d)4
7.a)4 b)3 c)2 d)1

Weight Room Gal (score 7-12) - lifting heavy weight makes you feel great
Quick & Fit (score 13-18) - you like working out but you want it to be quick like HIT or a quick DVD
Mindful Mover (score 19-24) - slower paced to connect with your body, try yoga, walking, pilates

Sports & Games (score:25-28) - sign up for sporty fun