#3: Gut in a Rut?

#3: Gut in a Rut?

Digestion is THE cornerstone of your health. Without a healthy gut, you have no chance of looking & feeling your best.

Watch this workshop to learn:

  • 4 @ home tests you can do today to test your own digestion

  • how to tell if you a food sensitivity 

  • what a normal poop looks like

  • the definitive signs that your gut is in a rut

  • the things you MUST do for a healthy gut

LIVER Clean: Body, Mind & Home

LIVER Clean: Body, Mind & Home

Join me for this live interactive workshop where we will learn:

  • what it truly means to cleanse or detox

  • how to optimize our built-in powerhouse ‘cleansing’ organ 

  • how to blend eastern and western traditions for the best results

  • AND I will share all the secrets of my signature  3 Week Spring Cleanse Program:

Energy Uplevel

Energy Uplevel

Join me for this live session where we will learn all about ENERGY, things like: 

  • the 2 different kinds of energy

  • the biggest energy drains

  • the 2 energy hormones

  • the most effective strategies for maximizing energy all day

  • the best (and surprising) ways to instantly boost your energy when it is low