Get comfy on your couch as you go back to school to learn all about YOU.

These workshops are deep dives into specific topics that I get asked most frequently about.

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Each workshop is designed to do 2 things:

  1. help you fully understand what’s going on in your body

  2. give you clear, doable action steps to get results

You’ll find each workshop here in the library for $22usd that is donated to a charity that works to make sure girls have safe access to education.

I believe when we raise one woman up we raise all women up and I thank you for your support.

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On the fence about spending money on these workshops?

Gut in a Rut is a FREE workshop so you can get a sense of what they’re like before you commit.

Is your GUT in a RUT?

After eating do you ever feel...

  • bloated 

  • gassy

  • exhausted

  • cravings despite eating a big meal 

  • sluggish

  • heartburn

  • belly pain

Digestion is THE cornerstone of your health. Without a healthy gut, you have no chance of looking & feeling your best.

Save your spot for my most important workshop yet and learn:

  • how your gut affects your mood

  • how to tell if you a food sensitivity 

  • what a normal poop looks like

  • the definitive signs that your gut is in a rut

  • the 5 things you MUST do for a healthy gut

Grab your workbook and get cozy on your couch as we talk all things digestion followed by an interactive Q&A session!


Join me for this live session where we will learn all about ENERGY, things like: 

  • the 2 different kinds of energy

  • the biggest energy drains

  • the 2 energy hormones

  • the most effective strategies for maximizing energy all day

  • the best (and surprising) ways to instantly boost your energy when it is low

Grab your favourite notebook and pen, download the workbook and settle in for an information-packed lesson followed by a Q&A session to go from tired to inspired. See you in class! 

It's always a good time for a LIVER CLEANSE!

 Join me for this live interactive workshop where we will learn:

  • what it truly means to cleanse or detox

  • how to optimize our built-in powerhouse ‘cleansing’ organ 

  • how to blend eastern and western traditions for the best results

AND I will share ALL the secrets of my signature  3 Week Liver Cleanse Program:

  • Week 1 - Clean Body

  • Week 2 - Clean Mind

  • Week 3 - Clean Home

Forget about unnecessary deprivation or turning your whole life upside down, this evidence-based program is designed to blend effortlessly into your everyday routine leaving you feeling lighter and fresh for summer fun!

Grab your favourite notebook and pen, download the workbook and settle in for an information-packed workshop followed by a Q&A session.



Want to instantly look better and feel more confident? Improving your posture is hands-down the fastest way to look and feel your best! In this action-packed workshop, we are going to transform your body by:

  • Learning correct movement (avoid all those little aches and pains)

  • Getting rid of tightness and stiffness from sitting too much 

  • Understanding what your core really is and what it needs

  • Sharing all the steps to a spinal reset 

  • Keeping your connective tissue flexible & fluid

Not only will you see immediate results but you will have all the tools you need to avoid the dreaded hunchback. 

Grab your favourite notebook and pen, download Posture Perfect workbook, and settle in for an information-packed workshop followed by a Q&A session!

If you aren’t sleeping well you aren’t doing anything well, great sleep makes us:

  • Feel better 

  • Look better

  • Have better relationships

  • Have stronger immune systems

  • Digest our food better

  • Basically, our whole lives improve in every way!

but great sleep doesn’t just happen and all your efforts to be healthier may be wasted until you make quality rest a priority.

  • eating well but not losing weight? >> SLEEP

  • working out but not seeing the results you want? >> SLEEP

  • cranky all the time? >> SLEEP

  • another cold/flu? >> SLEEP

So if you’ve been dreaming of a good night sleep, can’t remember the last time you *really* felt rested, or just want to have the best possible sleep, this workshop is for you! 



Ever wonder why exactly sugar is so bad for you? Or have you tried to conquer your cravings only to have sweet treats sneaking back in time and time again? 

You are far from alone, sugar is one of the hardest habits to kick, join me to find out:

  • what sugar really does in your body

  • how to read labels and find hidden sugars & visualize exactly how much you'll be eating

  • a few tricks to offset the occasional sugary treat

  • how to live in a world full of temptation and resist 

  • plus the complete 3-Day Kick Sugar To The Curb Meal Plan to get you started